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You Go With Your Bad Ass Self!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Ms M Shares her thoughts on her Boudoir experience.

In my work with women, I encounter all kinds of reasons why they want to experience a boudoir photoshoot. Sometimes it's a milestone, a celebration. Other times, it's a gift to their partner. Sometimes it's for self discovery and empowerment. And sometimes, it simply just because. Like in Ms M's case. We all come to a point in our lives when we stop living to fit in with others and we allow ourselves to bloom beyond the the growth journey we have covered thus far. Today, I really wanted to share with you Ms M's testimony because it demonstrates just that. It inspires to shed all the excuses and blocks and to have the courage to come and face the best version of yourself. For yourself. For your growth. Because when a woman is happy, grounded, fulfilled, at peace, everything and everyone around her blooms. I introduce to you the fabulous Ms M.


On Friday I popped my virgin Boudoir cherry 🤪😏🍒 and did my very first Photo Shoot with Julia. And what I now know with certainty, one of many more to follow. It was self care and pure PLEASURE on every level!


I’m 40 and had been curious to do a Boudior shoot in my past. I wanted to do it for my then husband (no longer with him). I also waited so long because I kept telling myself I would do it when I lost weight, got a tan … the list went on.

I’m honestly glad I just dove in and did it. This was not about taking pictures for anyone else BUT myself. I felt glammed up, beautiful, empowered, confident, strong AF and kept thinking “damn that’s me … f**k yassss girl … you go with your bad ass self!”

My feminine journey is always deepening and expanding.

Thank you to all the MEN and WOMEN rising me and others up. It’s sooo needed now more than ever in our world 🌎!


So, what did you think? Did a little voice inside you whisper "perhaps its time for you to make friends with your best self". For me, my professional journey represents empowerment of self love. As my client noted, the world needs us to stand up and lift each other up. But we shall start with ourselves first! I invite you to start a conversation with me. Let's explore how boudoir can transform and celebrate YOU! XO - Julia


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