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Busting Excuses

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Why You Deserve a Boudoir Experience

So why have you been postponing your boudoir shoot? Let's talk about it. When we get nervous, we make excuses. We make excuses not to love ourselves or not to take care of ourselves. Sometimes life is just busy, work consumes too much time, and it seems like we always have to drive someone SOMEWHERE. Sometimes it's more important that we spend the time with our spouse. We also use excuses like "I'm going to lose 15 lbs first!" or "I just don't have the money right now" or "Who am I kidding, I am not like those women in the pictures". I wanted to write this today to show you that no matter the excuse, you CAN do it! And you SHOULD do it. You are worthy enough, you are beautiful enough, you are ready enough. And when your 80 year old self is looking back at these photographs, she sure won't remember any of the excuses that held you back from doing this in the first place. But you will hold that album, turn the pages one by one, and say "I lived it so well!" Let's bust these excuses now, shall we?

"I don't have enough time for myself"

This is the excuse I am personally guilty of! We can spend so much time consumed by everything needing attention outside of us. Days turn into weeks. Weeks into months. And months into decades. We can let an entire decade to pass us by only to look back at our younger self and wish you can go back and change things. Fast forward 10 years from today. Would you regret not giving yourself the same kindness and love you gave everyone else? Live life without regrets. Start with 30 minute Sunday ritual. You can surely carve out half an hour. Right? So start there and add to it with time. How will you ever be the best wife, lover, mother, friend if you are depleted of your full capacity. You wouldn't let your cell phone go uncharged. Why treat yourself like your own resources are irrelevant. I have personally made a commitment to love myself fully. And one bread crumb at a time, the path is showing up. I invite you on the same journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

At a boudoir shoot you are able to breath and go inside yourself. Let the world slow down for just a few hours while you honor YOU. Life will slow down, and you will reconnect with yourself and remember all the things you should love yourself for. When I photograph you, my camera simply captures a woman through the eyes of another woman. Another woman with similar experiences in life. You will realize there is no judgement in that moment, no comparison to others. You look at the back of my camera, and you get to see where your beauty really comes from and this lifts such a huge mental weight.

"I am not where I want to be weight wise/ I don't fit the media's idea of a good enough size"

Did you know that the body type portrayed in advertising as the ideal is possessed naturally by only 5% of American females? ONLY FIVE PERCENT.

I will say this over and over again (and sorry, not sorry if you’ve heard me say it before), but WHY do you have to be a certain size to LOVE yourself? WHY do you have to fit a strangers messed up idea of a perfect body to LOVE your own body? WHY are you comparing your size to everyone else, when no 2 women are the same!

I think it’s amazing to have goals and want to get healthy, but does that mean you have to hate your body to do those things? Absolutely NOT! You should love yourself every step of the way. Be proud of where you are so that you can be proud of where you’re going. Have a boudoir shoot to celebrate where you are now, and then have one when you lose those 15 lbs to celebrate how far you’ve come! Imagine if Adele waited all these year to get in shape before she could shine! We would miss out on so much beauty she brings through her work. She was beautiful before and she is beautiful still. Because beauty and sex appeal is all in the attitude that the woman exudes. The rest you can count on me. I poses the skill to pose for all your beautiful angles. And you might even adopt a trick or two and make it a permanent part of your body language.

"I never feel sexy or sensual anymore so a boudoir shoot must not be for me"

WRONG. This excuse is actually the EXACT reason you SHOULD do a boudoir shoot.

Often times we lose touch with our femininity or sexuality when life gets in the way because of health/kids/work. It happens a lot and it is absolutely normal and okay! A great way to find this side of ourselves again is to have a boudoir shoot done to out that spark back in us. I can show you that you have that inside you somewhere, and it might even ignite a spark between you and your partner as well! Every woman that walks out of my studio (no matter the level of confidence she brought in the first place) feels like she just grew new wings and her posture somehow feels 6 inches longer.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t HAVE to wear super sexy clothing/ lingerie. If you feel like this doesn’t show your personality, then there are so many other outfit ideas that are authentic to you. If you need ideas, I will gladly talk to you about them or you can check out our blog on finding outfits here!

"A Boudoir shoot is an investment and I don't have all the money right now"

Yes, a boudoir shoot IS an investment. It is also an investment in yourself. You are investing in your well-being and confidence as well! Rest assured we offer different payment plan options to fit your specific needs! In order to book your shoot, there is a booking retainer, and after that, we can set up your payment plan for the remaining amount so that it is manageable and does not spook you off from booking the shoot! If you have any questions about our payment plans, shoot us a message !



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